Supercharge Notion Templates

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A collection of 37 thoughtfully designed minimal and clean Notion templates built into one simple and effective system you can use to supercharge your small business.

When you purchase the pack you get an empty copy of all the templates alongside a filled out example version made for a fictional company called 'Woof' (they make a dog walking app!) so you can see them in action.

Curious what they look like? Here are a few examples:

The Company page for 'Woof'.

An example culture canvas built for 'Woof' using the template.

A brand assets template with multiple sections.

The projects and tasks board that sits in the Personal section.

An example empty template with no branding and ready for you to use.

The business goals template which uses OKR's for its structure.

We hope you find the templates useful.

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You'll get a link to a collection of 37 Notion templates split into four sections.

Five templates - blog, release notes, media kit, job board, and help center.
Sixteen templates - team calendar, announcements, roadmap, PRD's, delivery plan, risk register, vision and mission, team directory, culture canvas, library, FAQ's, glossary, policy handbook, content planner, descriptions, and brand assets.
Eleven templates - business goals, business model canvas, expenses management, physical asset register, software licence tracker, employee directory, recruitment tracker, onboarding tracker, leave tracker, time tracker, and training requests.
Five templates - projects and tasks, meeting tracker, updates, notebook, CRM.
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Supercharge Notion Templates

0 ratings
I want this!